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ADV presents a Fresh New Line Up of six exciting flavours promising something for everybody! - adv Cloud Co
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ADV presents a Fresh New Line Up of six exciting flavours promising something for everybody! Live life to the fullest with ADV. Wholesale Only.
Founded by a long time vaper from Northern NSW Australia, Byron Bay Cloud Co. aims to bring you the thickest, tastiest E-Liquid on the market. Created to meet a demand for a premium product at a reasonable price, everything is crafted in small, individual batches with the highest-grade ingredients which are all USP Grade.

Byron Bay Cloud Co use only the most reputable flavour suppliers, and we sacrifice nothing to provide a top-quality product.


The absolutely classic, and unmistakable taste of sweet bubblegum!

Blue Pomberry

Crushed blueberries, and mouth-watering pomegranates!

Pine Lime Pash

Tropical pineapples, zesty lime, golden passionfruit, and a dash of ice!

Watermelon Lollipop

A candied watermelon summertime delight can be enjoyed at any time of the year!

Lychee Blackberry

Exotic Lychees, and juicy blackberries, combined with an icy hit!

Peach Rings 

A delectable peach flavour with a delightfully tangy twist!!


All 65/35 ratio making them ideal for high wattage vapes or Pod devices. The perfect “All Day Vape” range versatile to be enjoyed any time of year.

Certified as Clean Room Made peace of mind is achieved for retailers and customers alike.

Manufactured and bottled in Northern NSW, Aussie Vape Labs is perfectly positioned to supply this latest range.

***The sale of this product at wholesale by Aussie Vape Labs has been authorised***

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Aussie Vape Labs is an wholesale & distribution platform with the main goal of providing premium products backed with premium customer service for our wholesale customers. Our certified ISO 6 clean room is the highest rated clean room in Australia specific to the vape industry and its sole purpose is for the manufacturing of e-liquids. We are proud exclusive distributors for Elda Limited (One of Europe’s largest manufacturers since 2008) and Red Liquids Limited (The UK’s premium and fastest growing brand).  We offer a wide and unique variety of tailored services specifically for vape retail outlets and e-liquid businesses. We invite you to come and see what’s on offer and how we may help you grow your business.  

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