A promise, is a promise

Following up on Aussie Vape Labs promise to help have one mans voice heard by as many Politicians as possible, lets find out who cares and who couldn't care less.
Aussie Vape Labs Promise

The Follow Up

Aussie Vape Labs, a promise is a promise. In this post we will follow up the recent email sent SEE POST HERE to every possible Australian Senator to fulfil our promise to help one mans voice be heard. See Email Below



I am in two frames of mind as to whether or not this email will find its way to every Australian Senator or not. I have made a promise to a friend who this morning is feeling very lost, scared and needs his voice to be heard by you. I have promised that I will do everything I can to make sure his voice is heard.


I urge whoever is reviewing this email and making a decision as to if this email is actually received by the intended email recipient or if it is discarded as a non important matter that is of insignificance to please place yourself in the position of my friend Jim. A 40 year old man who up until this point has never bothered anyone or felt he has had anything of significance to cry out for help for. Jim is certainly making that cry for help today. Please believe me that this everyday Australian does need the help of the Australian Government and he needs it now.  Please ensure the email recipient gets the chance to read the contents of this email and more importantly the blog story and open letter that can be found at the link below.


Please help this gentlemen who feels he is about to lose a lot more then it appears at face value.


An Open Letter to Every Member of Parliament from an Everyday Reformed Smoker Named Jim


Thank you for your time.




aussie vape labs promise

The email list consisted of;

senator.ayres@aph.gov.au; senator.antic@aph.gov.au; senator.bragg@aph.gov.au; senator.brockman@aph.gov.au; senator.carol.brown@aph.gov.au; senator.canavan@aph.gov.au; senator.carr@aph.gov.au; senator.cash@aph.gov.au; senator.chandler@aph.gov.au; senator.chisholm@aph.gov.au; senator.colbeck@aph.gov.au; senator.davey@aph.gov.au; senator.dinatale@aph.gov.au; senator.dodson@aph.gov.au; senator.duniam@aph.gov.au; senator.faruqi@aph.gov.au; senator.fawcett@aph.gov.au; senator.gallacher@aph.gov.au; senator.katy.gallagher@aph.gov.au; senator.green@aph.gov.au; senator.griff@aph.gov.au; senator.hanson-young@aph.gov.au; senator.hughes@aph.gov.au; senator.hume@aph.gov.au; senator.keneally@aph.gov.au; senator.kitching@aph.gov.au; senator.lambie@aph.gov.au; senator.lines@aph.gov.au; jennifer.mcallister@aph.gov.au; Senator.McCarthy@aph.gov.au; senator.mcdonald@aph.gov.au; senator.mcgrath@aph.gov.au; senator.mckenzie@aph.gov.au; senator.mckim@aph.gov.au; senator.mcmahon@aph.gov.au; senator.molan@aph.gov.au; senator.oneill@aph.gov.au; senator.matt.o’sullivan@aph.gov.au; senator.paterson@aph.gov.au; senator.patrick@aph.gov.au; senator.polley@aph.gov.au; senator.rennick@aph.gov.au; senator.reynolds@aph.gov.au; senator.rice@aph.gov.au; senator.roberts@aph.gov.au; senator.ruston@aph.gov.au; senator.scarr@aph.gov.au; senator.seselja@aph.gov.au; senator.sheldon@aph.gov.au; senator.siewert@aph.gov.au; senator.smith@aph.gov.au; senator.marielle.smith@aph.gov.au; senator.steele-john@aph.gov.au; senator.sterle@aph.gov.au; senator.urquhart@aph.gov.au; senator.van@aph.gov.au; senator.walsh@aph.gov.au; senator.waters@aph.gov.au; senator.watt@aph.gov.au; senator.whish-wilson@aph.gov.au; Pat.Conaghan.MP@aph.gov.au

Lets see who responds …..

And Yes, its fair to say that the disgraceful Senator Stirling Griff (aka Slimey Shooter McGavin) probably won’t respond or send a thank you card for our honest thought of his tax paying dollar spending waste…. He is a waste of space anyway, we all know that.


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