ISO 6 Clean Room Pricing

Basic BYO

Entry Level BYO Rate*
$ 25
*Starting from* Per Hour
  • Basic BYO Rate
  • Does not Include MANDATORY Training
  • Does not Include AVL's MCC**
  • Does not Include listing or access to AVL's OBRD***

The Wanabe Rock Star

All Inclusive, Rock up to VIP access, Show the fans how its done, Leave via private Helicopter****
$ 289
From Pre-Mix to Bottling
  • Pre-Brief Training, Cleanroom Garments & Your very own Assistant.
  • Bottles Co2 Laser Etch with Batch Number & Access to OBRD
  • An Allowance for 99.5%USP Grade VG/PG & Concentrates. MCC Provided by AVL


Established Option
$ 190
*Starting from* Per Day
  • Pre Mandatory Training Included
  • Clean-Room Gowning Garments, Overshoes, Facemask, etc Included
  • Access to AVL's OBRD**
  • Does Not Include AVL's MCC***

White Label Service

For the "On Holidays" Manufacturer
$ POA Per Batch
  • By Agreement

Premium Gold Label Service

For the Serious Manufacturer
$ POA As Agreed
  • By Agreement
On Sale

For more information please get in contact with us via our contact page

PLEASE NOTE: **** Our private helicopter may be unavailable due to it’s maintenance schedule or the Boss may be off visiting the Cayman Islands (Also this is a tongue in cheek statement) Applied for comical value. However if you really want to leave via private helicopter, we at AVL will go that extra mile to make this happen!