Here at Aussie Vape Labs, we encourage everyone involved in the vaping industry to share knowledge and experiences, to further our industry with not only best practice principles and a sense of community but primarily to create a united front against greater obstacles such as anti-vape laws and organisations hell bent on preventing our freedom of choice for a healthier alternative.  One simple and effective way of breaking down some of these internal localised walls is to unite great minds with a shared collaboration to develop new creations.

Our First Collaboration

The very talented Mixologists from Dark Horse, Lung Lube and The Mixtress were eager to test our collaboration model, we gave them a short brief. 3 x RTV flavours based on their favourite childhood chocolate bars.  The rest was left up to them….. Stay tuned to find out what they come up. 

UPDATE - 10/10/2019

The wait is over. Introducing the love child of our first collaboration "Cloudburys" The cheeky name says it all really. Inspired by our brief to the Mixologists to each create one flavour based on their favourite childhood chocolate bars and I have to say, they nailed it! If you are a chocolate fan, then this is definitely for you. If your not a chocolate fan like myself then these flavours will make you change your mind!


Considered the most technical and complex of the 3, The balance of creme caramel and four different chocolates (Yes, that's right 4!) required the right amount of delicate and slight persuasion of golden syrup to align the order of each flavour from inhale to exhale.

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As the name suggests, a cherry and dark chocolate form the slightly bitter basis of the irresistible sweet but dry coconut flakes and tiny bits of jelly surrounded by a secondary, lighter, less bitter clear chocolate.

cloudburys sample pack


Honeycomb and chocolate... That's easy right? Not so.... Taking the longest to steep even with accelerated warm bathing. The crispy sticky crunch that comes with this flavour is a very guarded secret that after many hours of torture was still not revealed

Overall, a great success, a lot of fun and the bringing together of 3 great mixologists to share ideas and most importantly promote/support the vaping community through awareness. We will be giving away the 3 flavours to stores who order over the coming weeks and distributing the rest free of charge. If you would like to try these absolutely delicious flavours or if you would like to get involved in the next collaboration, get in contact with us.