screw paypal wankers

Screw Greedy PayPal

Greedy PayPal tried to screw us, not only us, many of us in the Vape Industry and even anyone remotely close to us – But we found a loophole.

Aussie Vape Labs Promise

A promise, is a promise

Following up on Aussie Vape Labs promise to help have one mans voice heard by as many Politicians as possible, lets find out who cares and who couldn’t care less.

Senator Eric Abetz supports vaping Aussie Vape Labs

Senator Eric Abetz Supports Vaping

The author spends a lot of time fuming and cursing the stupidity of our so called leaders of this country, so for a change let me introduce a man truly worthy to hold such office.

Senator griff vape idiot

Senator Griff, Vape Hater

Vapers of Australia have a new public Enemy in form of Senator Stirling Griff. A vape hating look-alike cross between Harold Bishop and Shooter McGavin with not much between the ears.

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Australia NEEDS to follow NZ vape legislation

The ARVIA has today strongly endorsed the New Zealand government’s proposed vaping legislation, which provides a sensible and risk-proportionate framework allowing for the sale of nicotine vaping products to adults.

wholesale distributor australia vape


The Australian Retail Vaping Industry Association (ARVIA) offer a lot of helpful and handy resources to people involved in the sector.