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Aussie Vape Labs Promise
Vaping Laws and Legislation

A promise, is a promise

Following up on Aussie Vape Labs promise to help have one mans voice heard by as many Politicians as possible, lets find out who cares and who couldn’t care less.

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Senator Eric Abetz supports vaping Aussie Vape Labs
Vaping Laws and Legislation

Senator Eric Abetz Supports Vaping

The author spends a lot of time fuming and cursing the stupidity of our so called leaders of this country, so for a change let me introduce a man truly worthy to hold such office.

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Senator griff vape idiot
Vaping Laws and Legislation

Senator Griff, Vape Hater

Vapers of Australia have a new public Enemy in form of Senator Stirling Griff. A vape hating look-alike cross between Harold Bishop and Shooter McGavin with not much between the ears.

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Australia Day sale wholesale distribution
Sales and Hot Deals

Australia Day Sale

We are kicking off the first sale of the year and what day would be any better then Australia Day! Here is your chance to re-stock your e-Liquid and save $$

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Elda cover photo Australia vape wholesale
AVL's Latest Products and News Updates

Elda Limited

If by now you haven’t heard the name synonymous with being Europe’s largest and longest established e-Liquid manufacturer. You better read this.

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DIY E-liquid helpful advice


We quite often get asked about helpful handy DIY e-Liquid hints. Where do you start? Our response is always the same. Start at this all-in-one website. The one first stop for any DIYer

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  • Government delivers another knockout punch to vapers 23/09/2020
    THE AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT has continued its vendetta against Australian smokers by making vaping nicotine even more difficult to access. Under the new interim announcement by the TGA (medicines regulator) today, vapers will need to get a doctor’s prescription and visit a pharmacy for nicotine supplies. The ruling is set to commence on 1 June 2021. […]
  • Why Greg Hunt’s plan to ban nicotine imports and medicalise vaping will not work 17/09/2020
    GREG HUNT wants to ban nicotine imports and force vapers to go to the doctor for a prescription and then to a pharmacy to purchase nicotine liquid. ATHRA believes nicotine liquid should be available for sale as a consumer product so it can be easily accessed as a quitting aid. Today we sent this flyer […]
  • Lung Foundation Australia continues to mislead the public about vaping 17/09/2020
    LUNG FOUNDATION AUSTRALIA (LFA) recently released an ‘E-cigarette and vaping fact sheet’ strongly opposed to vaping. However, the document is deliberately misleading and misinformed and is likely to lead to an increase in smoking and therefore an increase in lung disease. The lack of scientific rigour from a leading health charity is very disappointing, but […]
  • Katter’s Australian Party calls for vaping to be legalised in Australia 15/09/2020
    WITH QUEENSLAND smoking rates being much higher than the national average and about 600,000 Queenslanders smoking daily, a different approach needs to be taken to improve people’s health and alleviate pressure on future health budgets. (Reproduced from Cairns Local News) Katter’s Australian (KAP) Party Leader and Traeger MP Robbie Katter has called for both State […]
  • Help us to help you. Support our campaign to save vaping in Australia 10/09/2020
    ATHRA HAS LAUNCHED a fundraising campaign to ensure lifesaving vaping products remains accessible to Australian vapers and smokers. Please help us to help you. In 3 months (on 1 January 2021), you will need to visit a doctor and go to a pharmacy to get the nicotine that is keeping you off cigarettes. You will not […]