screw paypal wankers
Vaping Laws and Legislation

Screw Greedy PayPal

Greedy PayPal tried to screw us, not only us, many of us in the Vape Industry and even anyone remotely close to us – But we found a loophole.

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Aussie Vape Labs Promise
Vaping Laws and Legislation

A promise, is a promise

Following up on Aussie Vape Labs promise to help have one mans voice heard by as many Politicians as possible, lets find out who cares and who couldn’t care less.

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Senator Eric Abetz supports vaping Aussie Vape Labs
Vaping Laws and Legislation

Senator Eric Abetz Supports Vaping

The author spends a lot of time fuming and cursing the stupidity of our so called leaders of this country, so for a change let me introduce a man truly worthy to hold such office.

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Senator griff vape idiot
Vaping Laws and Legislation

Senator Griff, Vape Hater

Vapers of Australia have a new public Enemy in form of Senator Stirling Griff. A vape hating look-alike cross between Harold Bishop and Shooter McGavin with not much between the ears.

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wholesale distributor australia vape
News from around the world

Australia NEEDS to follow NZ vape legislation

The ARVIA has today strongly endorsed the New Zealand government’s proposed vaping legislation, which provides a sensible and risk-proportionate framework allowing for the sale of nicotine vaping products to adults.

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Australia Day sale wholesale distribution
Sales and Hot Deals

Australia Day Sale

We are kicking off the first sale of the year and what day would be any better then Australia Day! Here is your chance to re-stock your e-Liquid and save $$

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Elda cover photo Australia vape wholesale
AVL's Latest Products and News Updates

Elda Limited

If by now you haven’t heard the name synonymous with being Europe’s largest and longest established e-Liquid manufacturer. You better read this.

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DIY E-liquid helpful advice


We quite often get asked about helpful handy DIY e-Liquid hints. Where do you start? Our response is always the same. Start at this all-in-one website. The one first stop for any DIYer

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  • Why you should Stop Smoking and Start Vaping 09/12/2021
    Vaping is Australia’s most popular and most effective quitting aid for smokers. However, there is so much conflicting information. Is it safer than smoking? What is popcorn lung? How harmful is nicotine? Is it really an effective quitting aid? Founding Chairman of ATHRA, Dr Colin Mendelsohn, has written a book Stop Smoking Start Vaping to […]
  • The Journey After October 1 27/05/2021
    From October 1, 2021, nicotine liquid for vaping will be officially ‘schedule 4 prescription only medicine’. How does that affect you if you are vaper in Australia? Well, in short, you are likely to l face more paperwork, confused doctors, and longer wait times at your GP. Sadly, smokers in Australia are used to facing […]
    Joe Kosterich
  • A new year’s resolution for Australia 22/01/2021
    Quitting cigarettes is one of the most popular resolutions for the new year. But an overwhelming majority of Australia’s 3 million smokers will still be smoking by year’s end without the aid of less harmful smoke-free alternatives. Significant strides were made in 2020, which saw Australia take positive steps toward the legalisation of vaping. In […]
  • WA People support legalising vaping 30/11/2020
    In this modern age, petitions which legally require people to sign a piece of paper seem archaic. They are also difficult to organise. Yet today I was proud to hand over to Aaron Stonehouse MLC a  petition to the West Australian  parliament calling for the legalisation of vaping. Some 7176 signatures were obtained making it […]
  • Claim that vaping lacks evidence for quitting is misleading and wrong 08/11/2020
    IN A SUBMISSION to the Senate Inquiry into Tobacco Harm Reduction, Professor Emily Banks claims that there is insufficient evidence that e-cigarettes are an effective aid for quitting smoking. ATHRA believes her claim is misleading and incorrect for two major reasons. Professor Banks is a distinguished epidemiologist who leads Greg Hunt’s scientific inquiry into vaping […]