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NZO & Charlie’s Holdings Announce Collaboration

I have been waiting for a month to tell you about this one folks. Following NZO & Red Liquid's agreement to partner up, NZO has again announced a strategic partnership to collaborate with Charlie's Holdings aka. Charlie's Chalk Dust.
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NZO & Charlie's Chalk Dust Have Collaborated

NZO keep going from strengh to strengh, first Red Liquids and now Charlie's Holdings - It would seem that collaborations will become more common.

We can finally reveal a piece of news that I personally have had great difficulty sitting on for nearly a month now. If you have been keeping up with our blogs, you would of read about Red Liquids & NZO’s agreement (Read More HERE) that was launched at the recent Birmingham Vape Expo and if that wasn’t big enough news, today NZO “mic dropped” the news that the two power players have executed a strategic partnership and have collaborated.

The following is from Yahoo Finance

(“Charlie’s” or the “Company), an industry leader in both the premium, nicotine-only, e-cigarette space and the hemp-derived, CBD wellness space, announced today a strategic partnership with nzo, a visionary brand in the vaping industry, that will provide its closed device pod system.

The design of the nzo device is inspired by the lightweight feel and smooth lines of Italian supercars: sleek in look, light and tactile in the hand. There are no buttons or switches – the aim being simplicity. The system is particularly aimed at adult smokers who are seeking a way to quit harmful cigarette smoking but feel vaping has been too complicated to-date.

Charlie’s will be supplying its Pachamama line of liquid concentrates- Apple Tobacco, Strawberry Watermelon and Fuji Apple flavors- to be incorporated into nzo’s closed device pods. nzo will be manufacturing the liquids for the pods in its dedicated UK factory. In order to meet the high demand of the end consumer, the initial launch will be for 150,000 units.

nzo plans to launch these new and exciting vape flavor pods in the U.K. by mid-January, and it will be launched at The Vaper Expo at the London Olympia held from February 15 to 18, 2020. nzo will leverage its existing distribution and its partner networks, aiming to have products on the shelves of at least 4,000 retail outlets by mid-2020.

NZO Continue to make there mark

One of the most capturing factors that allured Aussie Vape Labs towards Red Liquids was the forward thinking, a different approach, so much youth and enthusiasm but also street smart, business smart and well presented. To see Red Liquids align themselves with a similar balance of matching characteristics is a welcomed site for these old vapey eyes. Aussie Vape Labs is set to sit down for talks with Red Liquids Managing Director where we will be keen to discuss this at further lengths as this news is certainly exciting and should be well received within the Australian Vaping Community.

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