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NZO Hits Australia - Brings Along Pacha Mama and Red Liquids Filled Pods

Pacha Mama Red Liquids Relx Australia

If you want to quit smoking then now is the time. The brand new NZO Pod Device is now here in Australia and unlike some other brands you’re not stuck with cheap no name flavourless pods. You may recall reading a blog on Aussie Vape Labs about some breaking news AVL/nzo-charlies-chalk-dust Well, NZO has been hard at it behind the scenes working in collaboration with 2 other household brand names in manufacturing e-liquid specifically for the NZO pods. Charlies Holdings aka Charlie’s Chalk Dust who created the Pacha Mama range and Red Liquids now sit proudly on display alongside NZO as the primary e-liquid used in NZO’s pod range. 


UPDATE: Check out this LINK for nzo devices and pods

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NZO Australia Starter Kit Aussie Vape Labs

The NZO Starter Kit

NZO has delivered empowerment to cigarette smokers across Australian who may find it difficult to quit. NZO's mission is to help you switch from cigarettes in a simple, clean and innovative way. Want to know where you can get your starter kit and replacement pods? Keep Scrolling

This new generation pod system is stylish, compact and very easy to use. No mess, no hassle – just choose your favourite flavour, slot a pod into the nzo device, inhale and simply enjoy the experience, no on/off button, no compilations. Dedicated magnetic charging cable supplied in starter kit.

1.7ml of liquid in each pod – more cost-effective than most brands and much cheaper than cigarettes (Based on an average puff rate, each nzo pod will last twice as long as a pack of 20 cigarettes.) There has never been a better time to quit smoking.

nzo – The Smoking Alternative

NZO Starter Kit Aussie Vape Labs Wholesale Distribution

Capacity: 1.7ml
Weight: 25g

Coil resistance: NiCr 1.6Ohm / SS 1.8Ohm
Battery capacity: Built-in 400mAh

Length: 22mm
Height: 95mm
Width: 9mm

Included is our innovative magnetic USB charging cable (In starter kit)

NZO Pod Device available from Aussie Vape Labs

The NZO Starter Kits along with Pacha Mama and Red Liquids pods are already on their way. You will be able to pick up the starter kits from any reputable Vape Retail Outlet within Australia and online. There is also plans underway for vapers to purchase NZO pods containing nicotine with a very short international delivery time, eclipsing other competitors such as Relx Australia so you will never be caught out with empty pods. Stay tuned and we will share the link via this page  ***Please note*** Aussie Vape Labs does not sell any vaping products containing Nicotine, the purchase and transaction of pods containing Nicotine for personal use will take place on a webpage and or server outside of Australia with an international vendor

For Retail Vapers

Stay Tuned, we will be providing links to Vape stores near you (and online) who stock NZO. We will also be providing a link for you to source pods containing nicotine for personal use (legally)