An Open Letter to Every Member of Parliament from an Everyday Reformed Smoker Named Jim

Jim is a 40 year old simple, honest, average Australian that works for an office supply company. Once a week he calls in to make small talk and check if I need any office supplies, today Jim was hoping mad and had plenty to say.
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This is an open letter from a reformed smoker to all members of Parliament

Reformed Smoker Letter to Parliament.


You can set your watch to Jim bowling through the door every Monday morning like clockwork. At exactly 8.50am every Monday without fail a ridiculous “dad joke” or some smart comment followed by “G’day Mate”  Jim will appear. Always keen for a quick chat but never stays longer then required, Jim is your everyday average 40 Year old Australian male. Jim is a ex full pack a day smoker, about 6 months ago, I offered him a pod that had been sitting on my desk to try, within a week Jim had completely stopped smoking cigarettes on his own accord. Since that day, he was always very inquisitive and asked a lot of questions to which I answered as best I could based on factual information. Today was different.

Today, Jim burst through the door with a very angry and concerned look on his face and instead of questions, Jim was full of all the answers and was hoping mad at the governments recent ban on nicotine imports. He slammed a crimpled peice of paper on my desk and stated “Ever god damn one of those bloody idiots down there (Canberra) need to know this, they have signed my death warrant”

With such a drastic change in his normal jovial attitude, I took jim to the staff kitchen area where I got him a drink of water and tried to clam him down to have a chat. I have promised Jim that I will help him get his message and the message of every other vaper that feels they need to be heard. The following is Jim’s open letter to Parliament word for word.

I write to you as a very concerned voter, Australian born and raised, I work hard, I pay my taxes and I don’t cause anyone too much drama. I want to share a story with you that I feel is very important to me and hopefully many others like me. Just over 6 months ago, I was nearly a pack a day smoker, this was of course until I discovered vaping. I had tried every possible way to quit smoking, apart from taking champix as I already knew it would be too harsh on me psychologically after witnessing the side effects firsthand it had on my best mate. (If you know anything about the history of this drug, you will know what I mean).


I can now say that after a little over 6 months I am a 40-year-old ex-smoker of over 20 years and I have never felt better in my life. With the help of vaping liquid nicotine (Carefully researched and quality sourced overseas). I am now told that the government is going to target me buying my personal supply of nicotine. I am disadvantage by not having access to a doctor that can or will provide me with a script for the use of nicotine for vaping.


I have never been able to successfully quit smoking with the tools that were provided on the PBS, personally, none of them worked for me. I now fear that after successfully quitting smoking tobacco and continuing to reduce my nicotine intake for another period of six months, if the government discriminates against me because I can not get a script. Well… My biggest fear of relapsing back to cigarettes is a real possibility nas this leaves me with no many other options that work for me


If I start smoking again, I know I will lose my health after I have worked so hard to get fit and avoid all the known nasty’s of the combustion cigarette compounds and eventually I will become a burden to the public health system as I slowly die from cigarettes. I know this in my head, but do you think it will stop an ex packet a day smoker?? No, I’m ashamed to say I am a nicotine addict. I have finally found something that works for me and the progress I have made is inspiring to my family and they are so very proud of me that I am able to run and play with them without coughing and wheezing after just 6 months of vaping.  I have cut back from 12mg to 6mg and am noticing I have less cravings every day.


Is any of this sinking in?? If you make me a criminal because I am unable to obtain the liquid nicotine I need to continue my quit smoking journey and I am forced back to cigarettes (Which funny enough is perfectly legal to do so), which will financially and physically burden me and ultimately the health system/budget of Australia, then I guess the money the Australian government receives from big tobacco companies is more important than my own health to the Australian government, not to mention countless other Australian in my position.  I have never written to a MP or government member voicing my concerns ever! After 40 years, I finally have something to say that I firmly believe the Australian government has got it all wrong. If you truly are a person of the people and wish to represent Australians that otherwise can not be heard then you will fight for my right to rid myself of this nicotine addiction with the safe use of vaping whilst I am already enjoying the full benefits of tobacco harm reduction. Please don’t force me back to cigarettes. I am my kids biggest hero, they comment everyday that I don’t smell like yukky smoke anymore. Why would the Australian government do this to me, how could they do it!!


PS. If you are unfamiliar with the history and background of Champix, perhaps do some research on it and then honestly tell me that the drug is a safer alternative to vaping (Which I know from experience works first hand, if practiced, used properly with the correct advice from experienced vapers). How can a government approve this sort of drug as a NRT when vaping in my experience is a far better option. You are a cruel bunch of mongrels!

The wording of this letter has not been altered in anyway.  I will endeavour that every Australian Senator’s office receives this open letter from Jim like I have promised him. I urge all other Australians who feel this strong about your right to vape and the personal benefits that you see or have experienced. Please let your voice be heard in any way you can.

Reformed Smoker Letter to Parliament.

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