Screw Greedy PayPal

Greedy PayPal tried to screw us, not only us, many of us in the Vape Industry and even anyone remotely close to us - But we found a loophole.
screw paypal wankers

It’s no big secret that Aussie Vape Labs has a parent company and that parent company has other interests with other registered businesses both inside and outside of the vape industry. In early June 2021, all the parent company’s PayPal accounts stopped working followed by an abrupt email from PayPal informing us that our accounts had been “limited” meaning we could not close the accounts or even essentially use them in any way. PayPal think they now own our information and are even refusing to disclose private information about the company, it’s Director or employed staff under a formal request for information based on Australia’s privacy laws which every individual has the right to do, and every organisation or business must comply with such requests, but not PayPal. What infuriated our company director more than anything was that the other businesses that operate under the company that are not involved in the Vape industry were also closed down with no opportunity to ever appeal the decision, ever! This coupled with the fact that only 2 weeks prior PayPal had sent (via good ol fashion snail mail) an invite addressed directly to one of our vaping businesses an invite to accept PayPal’s working capital loan… The personalised addressed finance invitation even proudly announced on the front of the invite “Nothing stands in your way!”

Nothing except for PayPal themselves it would seem. Most would agree that it is very poor form on PayPal’s behalf to

  • A) Peddle their rip off finance scheme addressed personally to a Vape business.
  • B) 2 weeks later make a claim that the same business was acting covertly and without consent from PayPal (I guess they don’t read the mail they send out or look us up on the NSW health Vape Retailer Register).
  • C) Then state it’s not their responsibility to provide updates to their changes of the terms and conditions by way of mail, especially to businesses that are affected by such changes… wow.. Just wow…

Now we do understand that PayPal are allowed to do pretty much as they want and because they are the company providing the service they can pick or flick whoever they want but it does beg the question, why? I mean, the response our Director was given was “Vaping is an instrument of abuse” ??? Really? Who is really pulling the string at PayPal or even behind PayPal itself? Because a response like that is so unclear, unfounded, unwarranted it just does not make sense. The Vape industry is so aware of keeping minors out of our shops, we have procedures in place to ensure minors do not see or have access to Vape products, our Vape products do not even contain nicotine and in fact. Vaping has now helped a large majority of ex-smokers quit in the first place. Research is now coming to light that in the last 12-month period, vaping has already overtaken every single NRT (Nicotine Replacement Therapy) available over the counter in helping more people quit smoking then in the prior 2 years leading up to that time of when the study took place. One can then draw a conclusion that it is these NRT’s that are making the Government revenue with their excise and taxes, making the manufacturers richer and now there is a drop in sales which is obviously hurt the bottom line of both, so it makes perfect sense to stay at war with the responsible, law abiding Vape business owners across Australia who are making a bigger difference then both combined. BOOM, the hits keep coming for the Vape Industry. But just like the Paul Logan and Floyd Mayweather fight, I bet our industry is still standing and still helping more smokers quit by the time the bell rings. Well PayPal, you just seem to be making more and more friends lately, anyway, best of luck trying to do any more damage to us, we have already found a work around for now, but it won’t be long until your nearest competitors will be closing ground on your strangle hold of the market lead. What will your shareholders do then??

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Aussie Vape Labs is an wholesale & distribution platform with the main goal of providing premium products backed with premium customer service for our wholesale customers. Our certified ISO 6 clean room is the highest rated clean room in Australia specific to the vape industry and its sole purpose is for the manufacturing of e-liquids. We are proud exclusive distributors for Elda Limited (One of Europe’s largest manufacturers since 2008) and Red Liquids Limited (The UK’s premium and fastest growing brand).  We offer a wide and unique variety of tailored services specifically for vape retail outlets and e-liquid businesses. We invite you to come and see what’s on offer and how we may help you grow your business.  

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