Senator Griff, Vape Hater

Vapers of Australia have a new public Enemy in form of Senator Stirling Griff. A vape hating look-alike cross between Harold Bishop and Shooter McGavin with not much between the ears.
Senator griff vape idiot

Senator Stirling Griff - Vape Hater

Senator Griff vape

The latest pelican to open his mouth in Canberra doesnt really need any introduction, South Australian Senator Stirling Griff aka (Harold Bishop & Shooter McGavin’s love child) has really made himself look either

  • Really Stupid and/or
  • In big tobacco’s back pocket

Do you ever just wonder, how are these fools running a chook raffle let alone a country?

Let me pass on my frustration and explain

After last weeks much need moral boosting news from our neighbouring country New Zealand leading by example with their proposed vaping legislation (read more). This week has just seen a shift of focus to yet again a nut bag clown politician hell bent on making life more difficult for Australian vapers.

As a contributor to the outrageous online vape sales ban Senator Griff has now in all of his infinite wisdom decided to put a stop to all Australians importing nicotine vaping products under the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) Personal Importation Scheme. A ridiculous move on his part with has no clear reasoning behind it but then again, very few politicians make sense at all when deciding the future of our country. 

Senator Griff Vape Idiot

 Senator Griff is no exception to this, a quick search reveals the Senators biggest claim to the advancement of Australia is the submission to ban anime based on child sexual exploitation… When was the last time Senator Griff searched for “Pokemon Porn”. Now we are not making making fun of a obviously serious issue like this but just seems equally as baffling. 

senator griff vape makes it hard and is uneducated

Some have labeled Griff as a hypocrite, saying that by ignoring tobacco harm reduction evidence will potentially push vaping underground to a black market situation and we all know what type of people or groups that will find that attractive and capitalise on inflated prices. It also seems to contradict Senator Griffs stance on health care in Australia. Why would you want to see the ban on an alternative product that has proved it can reduce the amount of smokers in a country? We don’t have to remind anyone the amount of damage smoking causes, not to mention the strain it places on health resources and budgets. 

ARA Executive Director Russel Zimmerman commented

Thousands of Australian retail businesses were eager to sell scientifically proven, less harmful vaping products as alternatives to traditional combustible tobacco, but that grandstanding of the type Griff engaged in this week was unhelpful and counter-productive.

“Every other OECD nation except Turkey allows adult consumers to purchase vaping products, as scientific evidence clearly verifies our position that vaping saves lives and helps smokers quit their habit.

“Senator Griff’s motion contravenes evidence from respected regulatory authorities including Public Health England and the US FDA that nicotine vaping is at least 95% less harmful than combustible tobacco.

“Vaping products are reducing smoking rates in every country in which they have been legalised.

“If the retrograde measures contained in Griff’s motion are ever enacted, there is every reason to believe Australian vapers will resume their consumption of traditional cigarettes and this will ultimately cost lives.

Scaremongering seems to be Senator Griffs best known talent as this direct comment indicates

“The big concern is the ingredients … you just don’t know what’s in them,” 

“There’s no regulation of the labelling or understanding of any of the health implications of what people are taking into their lungs.”

Well Senator Griff, we can certainly tell you exactly what is in ours and I personally guarantee the USP high grade quality and the ISO 6 certified environment that we manufacture in would certainly exceed your morning breakfast cereal but no one is banning you from eating your coco pops. Perhaps take a leaf from Aussie Vape Labs book and instead of torturing an industry and the people in it that do see benefits in tobacco harm reduction, who have invested their own personal money into technology, best practices and principles. Why not move to improve, monitor, invest research and safely regulate the industry **Oh wait, I forgot, big tobacco is lining everyone’s pockets and you haven’t worked out a way to tax excise on us….. Silly me.

What disgraced me the most is that any Politician that takes steps like Senator Griff has without as much as the smallest amount of research uses a statement like this

“Its very concerning, in the light of thousands of vaping-related lung illness cases in the United States, including dozens of deaths.”

Here is a news flash that every vaper in Australia already knows Senator Griff, the illegal THC cartridges contained vitamin E oil. If you or one of your useless staff members had bothered to conduct factual based evidence research instead of the hyped media dribble, you too would be aware this was the cause of the deaths and lung illness. In Australia reputable and leading manufacturers already clearly label the USP grade ingredients, warnings, cautions, batch numbers, recommendations, storage and all known allergen warnings, I again guarantee you we provide more accurate information and are more transparent then your morning breakfast cereal box nutritional guide.  Do NOT make the rest of us look stupid on the world stage like you and your other tax driven morons mates that congregate in Canberra do. This is our industry, an industry that is made up of more than people who just vape.  We have more experience than you, more knowledge than you and we actually have to work for our income. You are not making a real difference as a politician, your making yourself look like an uneducated fool.

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