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Sticky Fingers Wholesale Now Available at Aussie Vape Labs

FULL SERVICE FLAVOUR. Park up the V8 Valiant and check out our full service vape bar (or ‘range’). We’ve got 9 classic flavours on the menu that’ll put a smile on ya’ dial daily. Made with local love and using only the best ingredients, it’s the original e-juice to enjoy. Savour the flavour and let’s roll…
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Aussie Vape Labs is super stoked to be able to offer Sticky Fingers e-Juice for wholesale! (Register for wholesale access).

A long time favourite for many (Including myself – CaliCola, *cough cough*), Sticky Fingers has recently re-branded and are looking as fresh as a daisy on an early spring morning. The brand tagline “FULL SERVICE FLAVOUR” could not be any more perfect. reminiscent of years gone by when things just seemed less complicated and simple. A nostalgic reflection that combines the whole flavour profile.

BANANA ICE CREAM – Sweet, ripe and rich just like a banana Ice cream from
the ol’ milk bar ‘round the corner’. This classic flavour sensation that goes down a treat!
BLUE TITANIC – Navigate the icebergs with a blast of  blueberry, hint of black grape, smidge of menthol and slither of secret goodies in a fresh’n’frosty hit.
BULA BOSO – The island tropics come to life in a beachy blend of crisp coconut, sweet strawberry and crunchy biscuit; soothing for the soul like a warm ray of sunshine.
CALI COLA – The coolness of California is captured in a refreshing glass of cola poured straight from the soda fountain; perfect for all day vaping enjoyment.
CHERRY CALI COLA – Inspired by the O.G Cali Cola mix, Cherry Cali Cola takes
it to a bitchin’ new level that’s guaranteed to tickle the taste-buds on every toot!
GRANNY SMITH – Summer in the orchard with this slice of green granny goodness; bitey on the button with a fresh and crisp tang right to the core.
KIWI WATERMELON – A fruity, maxed-out mix of Kiwi and Melon, with a hint of
menthol madness creates this flavour filled blend that’s a
breath of fresh air.
LYCHEE PEACH GUAVA – Shake it like a tiki cocktail in a each-side bonanza of tangy lychees, juicy peaches and tart guavas that’ll have your swizzle stick cloudy till sunset. 
PURPLE HAZE – Get down and funky in a rich haze of groovy grape and mind-bending black currant; from a time when slammin’ riffs and a bangin’ bass made for some real soul food.

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Aussie Vape Labs is an wholesale & distribution platform with the main goal of providing premium products backed with premium customer service for our wholesale customers. Our certified ISO 6 clean room is the highest rated clean room in Australia specific to the vape industry and its sole purpose is for the manufacturing of e-liquids. We are proud exclusive distributors for Elda Limited (One of Europe’s largest manufacturers since 2008) and Red Liquids Limited (The UK’s premium and fastest growing brand).  We offer a wide and unique variety of tailored services specifically for vape retail outlets and e-liquid businesses. We invite you to come and see what’s on offer and how we may help you grow your business.  

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