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So the Boss has nicked off early and given lil ol me a PROMOTION!! My first call of duty on this flash xbox.... coupons for all!!
e-juice wholesale sale

e-juice wholesale sale Australia

And this is how its done Zac, ya drongo

G’Day, Marty here. I’m normally out the back in the warehouse packin all ya stuff into a box, I’m pretty bloody good at it too! I bet all your orders have arrived without even a mark on em. That’s cause I have learnt a trick or 2 in my time, The Boss reckon’s I’m good at my job, so much that he came to me the other day and said

“Marty, I need you to look after everything whilst everyone is away

I said “So like a promotion or something” and the Boss said

“No Marty, You will be the only one left here besides Zac and he is still learning to tie his shoelaces. I don’t really have a choice, just don’t do anything silly, in fact, just don’t do anything”

I don’t know about you but that sounds like a promotion to me. So the Boss and his missue headed off on their fancy trip today and to show him that I do really deserve this promotion I’m going to sell ALL of the stock! All 23 odd K of juices, 200 litres of VG and whatever else I can get my hands on…. He will be soo happy when he gets back!….. You gotta check out these prices, If your already registered go log in at Now what happens if I push this button….

Martys sale

So this is the deal-ee-oo trendsetters The Christmas Cracker Sale Has Just Been HIJACKED! By Marty. Use this code “bossawayletsplay” to get a FURTHER 10% off already ridiculous pricing and FREE shipping over $200 as soon as the countdown timer hits Zero, its curtains (Forever for Marty I’m guessing).

Terms & Conditions are Coupon and sale items can be stacked, both sale and coupons exclude Hardware, Ozzy Vape and Cloud Co ranges. Promo runs until 12pm on the 18th of Dec 2019. Min $200 purchase.


Equates to 21 bottles of any of the Gorilla Bean range for under $202 INC DELIVERED


having a snooze
Australia Day Sale

Australia Day Sale

We are kicking off the first sale of the year and what day would be any better then Australia Day!…
Elda Limited

Elda Limited

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Grorilla Bean

Grorilla Bean

Do you like coffee? Like really really like coffee??

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Aussie Vape Labs is an wholesale & distribution platform with the main goal of providing premium products backed with premium customer service for our wholesale customers. Our certified ISO 6 clean room is the highest rated clean room in Australia specific to the vape industry and its sole purpose is for the manufacturing of e-liquids. We are proud exclusive distributors for Elda Limited (One of Europe’s largest manufacturers since 2008) and Red Liquids Limited (The UK’s premium and fastest growing brand).  We offer a wide and unique variety of tailored services specifically for vape retail outlets and e-liquid businesses. We invite you to come and see what’s on offer and how we may help you grow your business.  

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