Vaping Facts by the NZ Ministry of Health

Twice in as many days The New Zealand Government has shown me how far behind our own political leaders are. NZ centre stage take (another) bow
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During the course of performing research for our last blog post, we come across the New Zealand Vaping Fact website from the NZ Ministry of Health. This is a excellent and valuable resource that presents an unbiased look at the pro’s and con’s in regards to vaping v smoking. Many vape advocates have been banging the drum and fighting the good fight for a long time saying exactly what the NZ government has released in this website. Factual sound advice that is not tarnished by hidden agendas or Big Tobacco slander. Aussie Vape Labs recommends anyone looking for an informative, unbiased, factual resource to conduct their own research in to tobacco harm reduction, this should be your first port of call.  How is it that our neighbours nailed it right on the head yet our countries leaders have it so very wrong….

Ok New Zealand, stop showing off now, exit stage right, you have had your 15 mins of fame *jealous much* 🙂


To take a look at the fact website take a look at

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