We take the manufacturing of e-liquid very seriously, as a product being consumed by vapers world wide and given recent media spotlights have highlighted less than perfect manufacturing practices ranging from 0mg Nicotine products actually containing Nicotine to false claims of Clean-Room manufacturing.  


Although the Australian Vape Industry is still somewhat in its infancy, we look to our overseas counterparts as potentially small glimpse into the future. In the UK, vaping is embraced by government and health officials, even as far as a large retail chain opening stores inside of the federal health building. To the opposite end of the spectrum our, vaping friends in the US are now facing extorniant requirements in order to obtain testing requirements by certain government departments. As we move towards the future of Vaping in Australia, the most astute business men and women will look to future proofing their investments and livelihoods  

Australian E-juice wholesale & iso6 manufacturing is only part of what we can do for you

So what can Aussie Vape Labs do for me??

If you are an e-juice manufacturer on a scale of producing larger then 1 litre batches, then you are probably preparing, or at least planning  to take the next big step and try and crack the open market.  Maybe your bottling samples to be sent out across the country in the hope that a retail store will take you on-board. What is the first question a potential stockist is going to ask you? 

“Are your juices clean room certified??”

Not only are you a talented mixologist but your also pretty cleaver for an Aussie and you hired a commercial kitchen and even developed you own procedures to ensure absolute cleanliness of your e-liquid creations. How do you support your claim? Are you covered with insurance? What if you have to recall a batch??

No doubt your passionate about your e-juice, don’t let all your hard work falter at the daunting and at times overwhelming prospect that it might be all too difficult. Future proof your investment…. Aussie Vape Labs is already aiming well above what is currently considered industry benchmarks for e-juice manufacturing and exceeding all industry standards of what will no doubt become regulated in the no to distant future. Our main assets consist of not only Australia’s highest rated/certified clean room that its sole purpose is be used for the manufacturing of e-liquid.  Aussie Vape labs has developed a QR Code batch cloud database that is accessible by the public, matching the technology of a CNC laser that is capable of etching corresponding batch details onto the bottle. Most importantly we already provide insurance for the unforeseeable and unexpected, all backed by a major underwriter. Aussie Vape Labs can assist you with;


Clean Room Certification certificate

Clean room use with AVL lead training to a recognised certificate of compliance to substantiate a commercial product claim 

Working with a company that has developed stringent operational procedures under manufacturing conditions to ensure our high standards offer continuity.  

ISO 6 Clean Room Certified Aussie Vape Labs

Implementation into a batch retrieval system that is transparent and accessible by the consumer offering peace of mind, utilising the latest technology.

The Aussie Vape Labs team is made up of experienced vapers and professionals whom collectively share almost two decades of experience within the vape industry and wider community.  

E-Liquid Distributor Wholesale

Access to brick and mortar Vape Retailers across Australia who understand the value of stocking the highest quality of manufactured e-liquid

Not limited to staff experience, Aussie Vape Labs is aligned with multiple leading International e-liquid manufactures whom also bring a wealth of experience, advice and professionalism to the table